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Chloe Talbot


Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Chloe is the owner of Breathe Pilates Studio. Her favourite style of class is one that is energetic, creative and challenging. This is exactly what you can expect in her classes! She loves to blend traditional exercises with a modern twist, always heaping her clients engaged - no two classes are ever the same!


Vickie Wilmot

Managing Director

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

"Teaching is my passion!" says Vickie, Manager of the Clarkson Studio. She utilises her experience with sports, Pilates & remedial massage to provide fun, innovative and supportive classes celebrating movement and what we can do!


Georgia Atkins

Client Success Manager

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction


Georgia began as a client at Breathe in 2020 and absolutely fell in love with Pilates. Coming from a 9-5 desk job, she quickly realised how beneficial Pilates was for her body. Georgia's aim her classes is to make every client feel encouraged & supported throughout the class, walking away feeling refreshed, strong and challenged! 

Breathe HQ Team



Certificate in Matwork & Reformer Pilates + 250hr Yoga Certification’

Aimee has been teaching Pilates for over 5 years and is also our resident Yogi. She likes to take a playful approach to her classes and challenge the students in a fun environment. Aimee’s classes are known for their epic tunes.





Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Brittany believes wholeheartedly in the physical and mental benefits of MOVEMENT! This is why she loves Pilates so much. Coming from a dance background you can expect beautifully choreographed, flowing movements in Brittany’s class where each exercise seamlessly flows into the next.



Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction


Tracey loves that Pilates gives everyone the ability to move in a way that suits their body in that moment, feeling yourself grow stronger and more mobile through your own self practice. In her classes you will find stability and growth through familiar movements, while feeling challenged with fun, new moves. Tracey cares about her clients wellbeing and feels privileged to be able to help you in your Pilates journey.

Our Instructing Team

Certificate in Matwork Pilates

Lola fell in love with Mat Pilates when it was offered as a wellness class at the University she was working at. Continuing Pilates throughout her twin pregnancy, her love for Pilates grew even more  as she realised she could still exercise to build strength in a safe and controlled way. Lola’s love of planks, plank challenges and squats feature in most of her classes. 



Certificate in Matwork & Reformer + 300hr Advance Yoga Certification


Anouk's teaches her Pilates classes with a focus on alignment, body connectivity and movement control. 

Anouk turned to Pilates and Yoga for healing and rehabilitation following various injuries as an equestrian. Her mission is to give every client positive movement experiences on their journeys to improved health and fitness. 



Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction


Alyce loves to deliver a fun, energetic, flowing class working the whole body! 

She has a background in remedial massage and along with her Pilates qualifications, Alyce also enjoys working with clients 1:1 who have injuries, want to work on their personal goals or refine their technique.



Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction


Adair's reformer classes are designed to maximally increase the strength of all major muscle groups by utilising the evidence based method of '6/10 & 2'. The class structure allows for each client to be increasingly challenged via applied load (springs), based on the individuals current strength capacity. Making this class attainable for every 'body'. From those new to Pilates or people post rehab, to the more adept Pilates clients.

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Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Rebecca began Pilates in 2014 and fell in love with the way it made her feel, so she undertook instructor training in 2022 to share its benefits with others. Her goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where clients can safely challenge themselves and achieve their personal goals. She loves a mindful class that focuses on alignment and breath and leaves you feeling strong and centred. Rebecca is also passionate about Pilates for rehabilitation and enjoys helping clients heal through movement - in a caring and gentle way.

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Certificate in Matwork Pilates


Bio coming soon

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Certificate in Matwork & Reformer

Bio coming soon

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

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Works Wednesday & Friday


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Our Creche Team

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