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You will notice on our schedule or Reformer, Matwork & Chair classes you will see some that (P) next to the name. This indicates that the class is a ‘Pregnancy & Postnatal Friendly’ class. The class itself is integrated, meaning anyone can join, but the class will be programmed towards our pregnant clientele. 


We also have these specialty classes for Pregnancy & Postnatal clients.


Post Natal Matwork 45 minutes

A Matwork Pilates based class specifically designed to help you reconnect with your body following pregnancy and childbirth. You will experience an emphasis on rebuilding the inner body awareness, strength and reconnection of the mind & body. Babies are welcome in this class. 


Perfect for: beginners, post natal mothers & those returning from injury

Pre+Post Natal Chair 45 minutes 

Specifically designed to address the needs of the pre + post natal body. With a maximum of 6 per class it is just like having a semi-private Pilates session guiding you through movement during your pregnancy or helping to restore your body after pregnancy. 


Perfect for: keeping fit & healthy during pregnancy and recovering post birth. This class is for women only.

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