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Beginner Reformer
45 minutes

In this foundational class you will learn all the basics of Pilates and the Reformer. Learn how to align your body correctly, move with precision and create functional movement habits. 


Perfect for: beginners new to Pilates and those who want to rediscover the power of foundational movements.


Cardio Reformer
45 minutes

Where HIIT training & Reformer Pilates come together in a 45 minutes class made up of tabata style circuits on the Reformer. Using a mix of Reformer Pilates, Matwork Pilates & functional training exercises you will work your entire body, building strength, lengthening muscles & working on your cardiovascular fitness. 


Perfect for: Adding a cardio element to your Pilates training

Reformer Challenge
45 minutes

As the name implies this class will see the level of challenge go up a notch as we play with some of the more intermediate and advanced repertoire. 


Perfect for: if you have been doing Pilates for a while and watch to take your practice to the next level. Not suitable for beginners.


Reformer Jump
45 minutes

Plyometric training meetings Pilates! The use of the Jumpboard adds dynamic & explosive movements to your typical Reformer Pilates class. You will work from head to toe, moving through all ranges with a focus on strength, stability and control as you jump.


Perfect for: adding a cardio element to your Reformer Pilates

45 minutes

Using the principles of balance, alignment, control & efficiency in movement, Reformer Pilates aims to provide a whole body movement experience. Working on a moveable carriage, resistance can be both added or removed to assist & challenge each movement. This class is suitable for all ability levels. 


Perfect for: those suffering from lower back pain & injuries or those wanting to add a resistance challenge to their Pilates practice.


Reformer (P)
45 minutes

A pregnancy suitable version of our Reformer Pilates class. The focus of this class is supporting the body throughout all stages of pregnancy, however it is open & beneficial for every body. 


Perfect for: pregnancy, post natal, beginners and those returning from injury.

Reformer Stretch
45 minutes

A stretch & mobility style class using the Reformer machine to increase and assist in lengthening your muscles. In this 45 minute class you will flow from movement to movement, unlocking tension in the body. 


Perfect for: complementing your regular Pilates and self-care practice.

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