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Barre & Beats (P)
45 minutes

Set to energetic music, using a fusion of Ballet & Pilates to challenge your coordination, strength, balance & flexibility. The beats will motivate you through this fun, high intensity workout. 


Perfect for: those who want to have fun whilst working up a sweat, listening to some epic tunes. No dance experience required & suitable for pregnancy.

Booty Burner (P)
30 minutes

A high energy Matwork Pilates based class focusing on the lower body. Aiming to sculpt, shape & burn the legs and booty while working up a sweat! This class is suitable for all ability levels, including pregnancy. 

Perfect for: building glute, hip & knee strength which assists in walking, running, improving power in your propulsion and decreasing injury risk.


45 minutes

Combining the strength & power of Boxing with the flexibility & whole body sculpting of Pilates to create a fun, high intensity workout. 


Perfect for: improving your cardiovascular fitness, coordination and upper body strength.

Core Burner
30 minutes

Abs, Abs & more Abs is where it is at with this class! Specifically targeting the entire core, strengthening the powerhouse of your body. 


Perfect for: if you want to increase your overall core strength and assist in injury reduction associated with lower back pain.


45 minutes

Matwork Pilates is a floor based, low impact Pilates class. Small props, such as hand weights or fitballs are sometimes used to assist or challenge the body. This class is suitable for all ability levels

Perfect for: a holistic body workout, mixing strength and flexibility to improve overall functionality of the mind & body.

Matwork (P)
45 minutes

A pregnancy suitable version of our Matwork Pilates class. This class has a stronger focus on supporting the changing body through pregnancy, however it is open for all to attend.


Perfect for: pregnancy, post natal, beginners and those returning from injury.


Stretch & Mobility (P)
45 minutes

Unlock movement in your body with this Matwork based stretch class. Focusing on increasing your mobility & range of movement, you will leave feeling as though your muscles have been lengthened and revitalised. 


Perfect for: complementing your regular Pilates and self-care practice.

Yoga (P)
45 minutes

All levels yoga flow. Move seamlessly between poses, finishing with a relaxing meditation will leave you feeling strong, stretched and relaxed.


Perfect for: increasing flexibility, unlocking movement and calming the mind. This class is suitable for Pregnancy.

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