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Mums & Bubs Pilates

SPECIAL OFFER: 6 Classes for $126


Hey, I'm Chloe 🙋‍♀️ Founder of Breathe Pilates, and this is my son Max when he was about 5 months old 👶

I WISH this class was on the timetable when I was a brand new Mum and returning to Pilates for the first time after having Max!


Imagine being fully supported in regaining your strength, getting to know your new body and it’s capabilities all whilst bonding with your new baby AND meeting other Mums navigating the wild hood that is Motherhood! 


I’m thrilled to personally invite YOU to join us for our ‘Mums N Bubs’ Pilates classes on Monday & Thursday at 10:30am.


Book now with 6x classes for $126 👇


Love the mums & bubs class with Lola. There’s loads of progressions which is perfect for every level and means there’s always a challenge too (which I love!)



Mother's Group Meets Pilates

Breathe Pilates is where Mums like you find their Pilates sanctuary 🧘‍♀️

Picture this: You step into our Pilates studio, greeted by the welcoming sight of other Mums, all just like you, reclaiming their postpartum fitness journey. With your precious bundle nestled close, our expert teacher leads you through a nurturing movement session. As you leave, a sense of confidence fills you, alongside newfound energy and perhaps even a couple of new Mum friends. That's what our Mums & Bubs Pilates classes are all about.🤱💕

Ready to join us? Grab six classes for just $126 and let's get moving! 

Mums & Bubs Pilates

This is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

You're ready to boost your confidence and add some fun to your postpartum fitness routine.

✨ You appreciate a fitness class where you can bond with other Mums and feel part of an incredible, supportive community.

✨You're all about dialing up your strength, and cranking up your energy to keep up with your little one.

✨ You crave variety and the freedom to choose from a range of classes, tailored to your post-baby body and unique motherhood journey, so you can find the perfect fit for you and your baby, with the assurance of top-notch service and teaching quality.

If you're a Mum ready to kickstart your Pilates adventure - Join our vibrant community and let's get started!

6x Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes for $126

  • “If I purchase the Breathe Experience Trial, does it start from purchase date or start date”"
    When you purchase the Breathe Experience | 21 Day Trial your 21 days will begin from your first class booked.
  • “What should I wear""
    Comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily, think light & breathable fabrics. Activewear pants/legging/shorts & a t-shirt is recommended. Our Reformer & Chair classes require grip socks to be work and we stock these at the studio.
  • "What do I need to bring?""
    We provide all equipment needed for class but we ask that you bring a towel or your own Mat along with you for hygiene reasons. You may also like to bring a water bottle along.
  • "Do you have a creche?""
    Yes we have a creche available Monday - Friday mornings.
  • “I’ve just had a baby and am keen to get back into exercise, when can I?”"
    Congratulations, we would love to see you back in the studio with your little one as soon as you have had your 6 week all clear check up with your treating practitioner for vaginal birth or 8 weeks for c section. Upon return to the studio, please update your client detail form to include the postnatal information and begin with our post natal classes at Wangara. These sessions you are welcome to bring your little one to class as well.
  • “What classes are suitable for beginners?”
    We have a variety of ‘Beginner’ specific classes at each studio, however most of our classes have the capacity to accommodate beginners. The only classes we would not recommend as a beginner are Cardio Reformer, Reformer Jump & Reformer Challenge.
  • “Which classes are suitable for Pregnancy?”
    All Classes with a (P) next to their name indicate the class is Pregnancy friendly. We have options in Mat, Reformer and Chair for (P) classes.
  • “How many classes per week should I do to see results?”
    We recommend 3-4 classes and a mixture of our classic Reformer/Chair/Matwork Pilates. Depending on the kind of results you are wanting we suggest for fitness to add in some High Intensity Cardio style classes (Cardio Pilates, Cardio Ref, and Boxilates etc)
  • “All the classes are booked up & I can’t get in!!”
    We always encourage clients to utilise the waitlist opportunities for all classes as they move very quickly so the majority of the time you end up getting into your desired class. It does always help if you can book your sessions ahead of time BUT if you can’t make it please cancel as soon as possible to allow waitlisted clients to get in.

What are you waiting for??

Join our Mums & Bubs Pilates community today

6x Classes for $126

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